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Arts Stream: Subjects, Career Option, Job Opportunity

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Arts stream is one such stream which has very good scope for the student. If we talk about Arts subjects then all subjects are good in Arts stream. You have to decide which subject interests you.

We will tell you in detail about the Arts stream subjects, just you must read the article completely. You will be given all the information in the article about which subjects are there in arts and what are the benefits of taking them.

What is Arts Subjects?

After 10th, when we enroll in the next class, we have to choose a subject. In which we have subjects like Arts, Commerce and Medical, Non-medical. Every subject has special importance in its field. But Art Stream is one of these subjects that does not make us proficient in any particular field. There are almost every subject mixed inside it.

Many people consider it the easiest and favorite subject of weak student in studies. But in reality there is nothing like that. Whatever the subject, the result depends on how hard you work on it. Just like Hindi is difficult for Americans and English for Indians.

Benefits of Arts Stream

There are many benefits of taking an art stream in itself. The biggest advantage of this you get to read many subjects like Hindi, English, Political Science, Sociology and Environmental Science, which are very useful in our everyday routine. After reading these topics if we go to any field then your human side and way of understanding things is much better than others.

Whereas if we talk about other subjects, then you get to read limited subjects there. So if you want to acquire multifaceted knowledge within yourself then there is no harm in taking art stream. But if you want to become a doctor or engineer then do not go with this subject at all.

There are several Arts Subjects

There are many types of subjects in Arts stream like

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Political Science
  • Geography
  • Economics
  • History etc.

All these come in main arts stream subjects.

Whereas if we talk about optional subjects then there are many other subjects like

  • Psychology
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Fashion Designing
  • Philosophy
  • Physical Education
  • Rural Development
  • Social Work etc.

You can choose these subjects based on your interest. Nowadays people take that subject based on the trend of the subject and later stop studying that subject if they are not interested.

My advice is that you should choose the subject based on your interest, it will benefit you more. You can also study Arts stream in Intermediate and after that in Graduation and Post-Graduation.

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Arts Subjects for class 12th

Below some arts subjects list

  • Geography
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Political Science
  • Civics
  • History

Job Opportunities for Art Stream

Next, we are going to tell you about the areas in which there are many opportunities for the children studying in Art Stream. There are also some areas in which those who study Art Stream always benefit more than others. But let us make one thing clear here that whoever you want to be, do not have any hesitation in your mind.

Administration Officer:

You will be surprised to know that every year in the UPSC exam, which is called the toughest exam of the country, only people who study from Art subject give maximum number of exams. If you also wish to become an officer in the Central Government or State Government in the future, then you can take Art subject.

After this, as soon as you do BA of 3 years, then you become eligible to give such examinations. In this, if your number is also less, you can apply. You just have to have the passion to work hard.


If you want to stand with the truth in the fight for justice and justice by sitting in court then you can go with Art subject. For this, you will have to do a law course of three or five years after 12th. After which you become fully eligible to become a lawyer. Also, if you do good work, you can go up to positions like advocate and judge in the government. This is considered a very respectable position in the society.


If you are interested in teaching children, then you can also become a teacher by taking Art subject. For this you have to do BA after doing 12th and then you have to do B.ed. The process after this depends on your state. If you want, you can later teach the children of college etc. by doing MA and P.hd also. But the thing to keep in mind here will be that you can become a teacher of any of the subjects you have. In such a situation, if you go with the Art Stream, then you can never teach Commerce and Science subjects.

In the Field of Media:

If you want to become an anchor, reporter or cameraman in news channels, then you can also become this with the subject of Art. For this you have to do a 3-year journalism course after doing 12th. If you want, you can also do MA in Journalism. After this you can easily get a job in print media and TV channels. This is a job in which you can make an identity with money.

Fashion Designer:

If you are interested in the changing fashion of people with time. You have to know which fashion is going on in the market these days and which is going. So you can become a fashion designer. If you are a woman, then you can do fashion designing for women. Whereas if you are a man then you can do men’s fashion work.

For this you have to do diploma or degree in fashion designing after 12th. Art students can also do this easily. The special thing is that in this field you need more real knowledge than bookish knowledge. Also, if your name is made in this field once, then you can earn the money you want.


If you want to appear in film or TV serial, you can also take Art subject. Your success in this field depends on how well you know your job. Also how much people like you. For this you can do any diploma or degree in acting.

All these courses can be done easily by taking Art students. But their special thing is that they are done in selected institutions of the country and their fees are also in lakhs. After doing this, you will get small jobs first and later you can get work in TV serials and films too. In this work too, one day you may become famous that people who know you will be found in every street.

Government Job:

If you do not like any of the above mentioned jobs, then you can also go towards government jobs in the end. If you have passed with 12th Art subject, then you can apply for the recruitment of various posts in the state and central government.

In this, especially the jobs of Railway, Bank and SSC keep on coming. The special thing is that to apply for most of the government jobs, you should have only 12th pass or minimum 55 to 60 percent marks are asked. Also, if you get selected in this, then you are given good respect and good salary in the society.

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