Best College in Uttarakhand that teaches much more than subjects

Never stop learning because life never stops teaching!” Learning is a lifelong journey.

Countless studies carried out by researchers around the world have shown that those who continue to learn beyond school hours and after their schooling, tend to achieve greater fulfillment and happiness in life. Learning with a purpose and adding on skills is the need of 21st-century professionals in all fields of work. This is the guiding spirit of Roorkee College of Engineering which places great emphasis on any time, anywhere.

At Roorkee College of Engineering, College Programme is different from another curriculum. As children finish their school education, parents and even student are often confronted with the decision of choosing a suitable college curriculum for their higher studies in the future. Roorkee College of Engineering gives a great head start to the college students and equips them with in-depth knowledge in core career disciplines like Engineering, Pharmacy, Agriculture, and Applied Science at large.

Although the primary objective of every curriculum is to raise the proficiency of students in various academic areas, they differ in their methods of teaching, classroom experience, and assessment pattern.

Roorkee College of Engineering is known for offering a broad choice of Engineering, Agriculture, and Pharmacy Degree Subjects, modern classroom techniques to develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills for industry purpose, and a strong assessment mechanism to highlight strengths and weaknesses of students before they face interview for placement.

More than hundreds of Roorkee College of engineering students appear for placement interviews every year from different disciplines and more than 85% of our students get placed. The academic training starts early as students get admission to college. While skill-based labs in the college provide help in experiential learning, which is the requirement of the curriculum, the dedicated spaces in the college campus facilitate project work and collaborative studies.