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Today, Roorkee College of Engineering has Changing the way of teaching and educating in north India – especially in Engineering, Agriculture, Pharmacy, Tourism, and Hotel Management.

Roorkee College of Engineering is developing modern education techniques for students through a team of multi-disciplinary professors and assistant professors who take care of quality education from basics to advance concepts. CA S. K. Gupta, as the Chairman of Roorkee College of Engineering, believes that education is the cornerstone for the empowerment of people and is building it to respond to opportunities, challenge traditional roles, and change lives.

Performing and Delivering Real Outcomes

Roorkee College of Engineering in Uttarakhand (India) has given makeovers to the institute. The college has restored and enhanced functionality for students to provide them modern education in their fields. With well-equipped and smart laboratories, well-stocked library, Professors and Assistant Professors are trying to imparting knowledge through the traditional and modern techniques that are being adopted globally. All modules of training and teaching are based on technical, intellectual, and innovative elements, covering the whole gamut of needs of a student.

Roorkee College of Engineering, our trained and knowledgeable professors and teaching personals are responsible for increasing the accessibility to quality education in the field of Engineering, Agriculture, and Pharmacy.

All academic branches and concerned professors are providing a balanced mix of academic and skill enhancement education. Subject experts observe the academic operations for seamless functioning and maintenance of quality education standards. All academic programs are strategically defined to add value to society. The practical and experimental-based learning curriculum of Roorkee College of Engineering is put in place to educate students, which are affordable for people from all walks of life. Roorkee College of Engineering as a young institution works to ensure a higher level of understanding and thought sharing mechanism among the classes.

New Era of Education

Setting up a college with multiple disciplines and academic departments within North India Roorkee College of Engineering has been undertaking end-to-end responsibility of planning, execution, and operations in the field of education and building the future of this nation by educating and shaping young talents. Creating a pathway for modern education Roorkee College of engineering is resolving many issues right from feasibility. Entering with a holistic approach, it has imparted infrastructural, managerial, and academic inputs for the proper growth of its students.

Exceptional Models for Association:

For student growth, three models are being put to use. Form an academic partnership with industries for industrial training, workshops, and technical seminars. Roorkee College of Engineering has proved its worth in the last few years and it almost doubled the number of industries associated with the college. This kind of association helps our college students with their internship programs and placement as well.

Dedicated Team of Academic Experts:

A team of academic experts from across the country is dedicated to uplift the level of education in all academic departments of the college. Online and offline expert sessions from highly qualified subject teachers and experts, helping the students to gain knowledge of their field.


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