Need of Technical Education

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The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education. — Albert Einstein

We live in an age of mechanics. Technology now rules supreme in a civilized society. Man has mastered largely the forces of Nature through the application of technical skill. The day is not far when computers and even robots will rule the field of work even today also we can see many automatic machinery around us. These machinery replace human efforts nowadays.

Technical education is very essential to run our factories and fields of production. That is also financially advisable. There are a few households in our cities that do not depend upon machinery nowadays. Manual labor is being superseded by steam, gas, and electrical power. The mighty forces of Nature are being harnessed to serve the wants of man. We are dressed by machinery; transported by machinery; lighted by machinery; our very catering and amusements are being ministered to by the mechanical contrivances of radios, televisions and cinemas, and internet arrangements. Every home has to depend on electricity, every office is equipped with telephones and Dictaphones and teleprinters, and computing machines of all kinds. Even the playgrounds have electrical scoreboards and timekeepers. And this mechanization of life will increase and expand as days would roll on.

Hence we should have the sound technical knowledge to manage all these and to work within the industry. Today technical colleges provide industrial-based technical education. Proper industry visits, student interaction with industry experts as a part of the college curriculum.

Roorkee College of Engineering is the best place in Uttarakhand from where you can get a Degree or Diploma in Technical Courses. Roorkee College of Engineering in shot RCE follow up all the modern methods or teaching and technical practices.

Technical and Vocational Education nowadays be like a method of skill development of the students in college or workforce in the industry of a country. In the present day, it has now been recognized as a powerful means for national development and for individual enhancement.


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