Future Job Scope of Electronics and Communication Engineering

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Why electronics have become the vertebrae of digital technology. However, as a student planning to pursue Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) courses in India, one needs to walk around and try to see things from all frames.

Future Prospects of Electronics and communication Engineering

This question usually pops up in the minds of many students that why to choose Electronics and Communication Engineering courses and what makes it an ideal option.

The reason behind this positive change of wind is the growing nexus between the electronics industry and the digital technology. The application of ECE in fields, such as satellite and mobile communication, digital telecommunication, power electronics, etc. has created amazing career options. Apart from this, manufacturing companies, Multinational Corporations (MNCs), research-based or industrial corporations, government authorities, aerospace manufacturing companies, consumer electronics manufacturing, healthcare tools manufacturing, Armed forces (Army/ Air Force/Navy), many others look for candidates with ECE background.one can say that the skills of ECE engineers in planning, executing the testing process, framing of the system layouts, and delivering the end product in an impeccable way enhances their market value. This means that as an aspiring student of ECE, candidates need to ensure they select the right course in Electronics & Communication Engineering, in which they have interest and which offers better career options in the future.

Some of the important positions that ECE pass outs can serve are listed below:

1. Electronics Engineer

With the emerging rise in the electronics industry, new leading firms are springing up to meet the needs of the consumer market. The profile of electronics engineer has a great demand in the market and this has created a lot of opportunities for the ECE aspirants.

2. Electronics and Communication Engineer

ECE students could also pursue in the communications, networking, and broadcast, transmission systems work area. This work is mainly targeted to consolidate electronics, conceptualize the communication network framework, and ensure its flawless execution.

3. Electronics Design & Development Engineer

Electronics design and development is one of the most preferred choices of position by ECE graduates who want to have dazzling prospects in the electronic designing and development field.

4. Desktop Support Engineer

The profile of Desktop Support Engineer is required in almost every IT and non-IT company. This means there will be no scarcity of job options for ECE graduates in this position.

5. System Control Engineer

System control engineer job includes not only the designing of complicated systems but also testing of it. This is one of the reasons why the candidates for this profile are recruited as technical supervisors, system control managers, etc.

Roorkee College of Engineering Department of Electronics and communication focuses on developing their practical skills, communication skills, awareness and competence to use information technology, team management and teamwork, understanding of human, social and business spheres, and ability to recognize and appreciate ethical standards.


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